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We provide a unique approach when it comes to retirement planning. While most financial advisors focus on the accumulation phase, we work to preserve and protect what our clients have spent a lifetime accumulating. Our recommendations offer guarantees and provide protection against risk.
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I find that the greatest fear today is not so much the fear of dying, but the fear of running out of money before we die.
-Bill Demaree


Our 3 tiered approach is conducted through an analysis of current and future goals that enables clients to come to understand, by their own answers, the financial path they wish to follow for their retirement.

1. Income Planning

Formulating plans that make certain you never outlive your retirement income, we pride ourselves on giving our clients the peace of mind to enjoy their retirement and leave something behind for their families.

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2. Legacy Planning

Properly passing on one’s estate is a concern for most people. Our years of experience provide expertise that protects your values as well as your valuables.

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3. Long-term care

A move to a nursing home or assisted living facility is expensive and can be complex if you aren't prepared for it. Demaree Retirement Services can help plan for the possibility of long term care during retirement for you, your spouse, or your parents.

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